Occupy Occupy Occupy!!!

Occupy, Occupy, Occupy!!! will explore: occupations as a tactic in industrial, community, student and environmental disputes; the influences in making the decision to occupy; what effect taking part in an occupation has on the individuals and communities involved; how community activism can lead to social change and how saving vital community resources contributes to the … Continued


Social condenser – the impact of Marxism on London’s architecture

A series of four, accessible and engaging, short films exploring some of the most potent examples of socialist architecture in London – in particular focusing on the work of Georgian-British designer and lifelong Marxist, Berthold Lubetkin whose social condensers were powerful manifestos for new forms of communality in their time and have many lessons to … Continued


Tribune Clubs

Our Tribune Clubs project aims to bring socialist political education, radical history and Marxist philosophy to our readers and other activists across the country, with events ranging from debates to book readings and film clubs.


After Strangeways: Engaging prisoners in critical thinking about the past, present and future of imprisonment in Britain

On the 1st April 2020 the CCJS hosts a major event on imprisonment in Britain. This will be exactly 30 years since the first day of the Strangeways protests. Lasting 25 days and spreading across several prisons, Strangeways remains the largest prison protest in England and Wales. Thirty years on, the dysfunctions and problems of … Continued

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