Building leadership of Black and people of colour in cooperatives

In the time that Decolonising Economics has been running and through the relationships we’ve built, we’ve found that there’s a lot of energy in BPOC communities for Cooperative development and exploring forms of collective and community ownership models. We have found that cooperative development is a political and economic strategy that supports the aims of … Continued

Finance Curse – Film + Impact Campaign

The Film The Finance Curse is a documentary adaptation of the recent acclaimed book by Nicholas Shaxson. Around the world, working people face a curse: we are producing more than ever yet the finance sector is extracting all the gains. The film presents this “Finance Curse” in action through Kara, a Midwestern farmer fighting Big … Continued

The Undercover Policing Inquiry: Contextualising State documents on Surveillance of the Left

Integrate the thousands of documents released by the Undercover Policing Inquiry into 18 new profiles of the undercover police officers who were sent to infiltrate radical, left-wing and socialist groups. Our project will give a fully contextualised presentation of the disclosed material. We will profile the activities of 18 undercover officers, examining the nature of … Continued

The World Transformed 2022

This grant will help organise TWT22, a four-day political education festival in Liverpool from September 24th-27th. This will be TWT’s 6th in-person festival, and is the biggest socialist education event in the country. This grant will fund this festival and support a broader organisational strategy – to invest time and energy into the development of … Continued